Identification with a human touch

Deltabit Check-In

Sign in and call up

Deltabit Medi

Reliable patient identification

Deltabit Dooris

No keys, no worries


Patient Check-In

Deltabit Check-In

Use fingerprint-based identification to facilitate the self-service signing in to appointments and events.


Access control - Deltabit Gatekeeper

Access control

Deltabit Gatekeeper

Enjoy access control that is affordable, safe, and easy to use – an unbeatable combination.



Deltabit interoperable with Elekta’s MOSAIQ®

Deltabit radiation therapy products now compatible with Elekta’s MOSAIQ® oncology information system

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Let the alphorns sound

Deltabit now has Raditec Medical as its new business partner in Austria and Switzerland

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Deltabit has been developing software and fingerprint identification products since 1995. We develop keyless biometric systems that identify people in homes, businesses and health-care operations. Deltabit fingerprint readers open millions of doors each month.

Deltabit – identification with a human touch