Deltabit Medi ensures that the correct patient receives the radiation treatment for cancer.


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The correct treatment for the correct patient

Deltabit Medi ensures that the correct patient is treated with radiotherapy for cancer.

Over 3 000 000 treatments have been administered with it – and each time to precisely the right patient!


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The planned treatment for the planned patient

Especially in radiation treatment, it is important for the right patient to receive the right treatment since patient identification errors may have serious consequences.

For maximum certainty, the patient is identified through fingerprints. This reduces the risk of forgotten identification cards or mixed-up names. Thanks to constant further improvements, the functionality today is of unquestionably superb quality.

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Flexible and compatible

Deltabit Medi is compatible with most radiotherapy systems. Our solution is flexible – you can add fingerprint identification to an existing system or get it for a new system.

Deltabit system can be used for sign-in for treatment appointment, and for identification when the patient enters a treatment room. You can retrieve a patient’s data from the oncology information system to avoid enterind data in the system twice.

Satisfied customers

The Deltabit Medi patient identification system has been in use since 2004. It is easy for patients, because they do not need to remember or carry anything extra, like a barcode bracelet.

Hospital personnel are also happy with the system. With the help of the Deltabit Medi, the probability of treating the wrong patient has been minimised.

Tampere University Hospital: “With the fingerprint-based system, human errors on both the personnel’s and the patient’s side are eradicated.”

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How does Deltabit Medi work in radiation therapy?

Step 1: Fingerprint registration

Fingerprint identification requires enrolment of a numeric template from a high-quality fingerprint.

The fingerprint is enrolled during treatment planning, usually when the patient is visiting the hospital for the simulation session.

Enrolment requires a computer with the Deltabit Medi Manager application and a fingerprint reader. The whole process is very simple and typically takes 2–3 minutes.

Since Deltabit Medi can retrieve the patient’s name and ID from the most common oncology information systems, the patient needs to be created only once in the system.

Step 2: Identity verification

Deltabit potilastunnistus terveydenhuoltoon

The patient’s identity is verified by means of a fingerprint before each treatment session.

Identification is performed via a computer with Deltabit Medi Identification application and a connected fingerprint reader at the entrance to the linear accelerator room.

When a patient’s treatment plan is opened in the record & verify application, the Deltabit application enters the identification mode and waits for the selected patient’s fingerprint.

When the correct fingerprint is identified, the interlock is cleared and the linear accelerator beam may be turned on in the normal manner.

How does fingerprint identification work?

Fingerprint identification is an easy way to identify a person. But how does it work?


Learn how fingerprint identification works

We make acquisition easy. Only three steps required.

1. We’ll identify your needs

We’ll identify your needs, whether they are simple or more challenging. How many fingerprint points? Are connections to other systems required?

2. We’ll make you an offer

We’ll make you an offer you can understand at a glance. The prices are clear, and the fees are not dependent on the amount of users.

3. We’ll take care of the delivery

We’ll make the possible connections with other systems. We’ll also take care of the installation and solve your problems quickly.

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